In a concerted effort to respect the privacy of the clients I encounter (because it’s the law AND it’s the right thing to do), I would like to officially point out the following:

  1. This blog will remain free of references that indicate where I work or attend school (and where I live in any great detail). If you know me personally, you know where I am, but I refrain from identifying specific locations, including health care facilities.
  2. In any posts that reference a particular nursing experience/interaction, I take extra care to ensure these posts are free of the 18 “identifiers” covered under the designation Protected Health Information (PHI). These identifiers can be found here. When I do share about experiences with patients, I generalize as much information as possible so that someone who randomly encounters this blog could not by chance narrow down the information and somehow figure out who I am talking about. I also combine details about multiple patients into single accounts, to eliminate the possibility of identification.
  3. All opinions expressed on this blog are solely mine. Not really HIPAA-related but I want to make sure it’s clear that I am not acting as a representative of my employer or my school (nor am I compensated by either for anything blog-related). This is a story of my personal journey.

If you have any concerns or questions about HIPAA or other privacy matters, feel free to contact me at any time.