As this blog continues to reach a wider audience, I have received several recent inquiries about sponsored posts, guest posts, product reviews, advertising, etc.

As glad as I am to collaborate, it is time to set some ground rules so that we are all on the same page. If you are hoping to work together, please take a moment to review these policies:

  1. This blog is my hobby. It generates little to no income for me, and I have a full time job (and will soon be back to full-time studies). I love to write and I love to share, but if you contact me about working together, please know in advance that it may take me a few days to respond. When I am working nights, I am “off the grid”. And when I’m back to normal person hours, it can take me a while to catch up. There are times when it becomes my lowest priority (unfortunately). I appreciate your patience in advance.
  2. I am happy to write product reviews for nursing-related items. However, all opinions and reviews will be 100% true, and will be my opinion alone. Please know in advance that requesting a product review does not guarantee you positive publicity. I also ask that if you are seeking a product review, that you consider sponsoring a giveaway or promotional discount code for my readers. 
  3. Please do not send me your “Top 50 Online Nurse Practitioner Schools” or other such lists. I’m not going to link to them. Sorry. 🙁 
  4. While I will consider advertising offers, please know that I already belong to a couple of ad networks and need to avoid conflict of interest. Please also know that I will not entertain advertising for products/websites/services that are unrelated to nursing and/or health care.
  5. If you are interested in sponsored posts and/or advertising, please contact me directly for a copy of my media kit and more specific details.

Thank you ahead of time for honoring these requests! These policies are in place to ensure that my readers can be part of a community that is ethically sound and free of extraneous or irrelevant material. This blog is about nursing and health care and my goal is to keep it focused and welcoming!