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Thanks for joining me here at The Makings of a Nurse, where I share my day-to-day journey of becoming the nurse I was meant to be!  My name is Kristine, and I am excited to share my story with you. My husband Steve and I moved across the country, from Oregon to North Carolina, to start a new adventure two years ago. Our main reason for the big move was educational – I started an adult/oncology nurse practitioner program in 2013 and Steve has his own plans to enter the health care field in 2015 (more on that to come)! I’ve also been working on a medical/oncology unit for the past two years. I’ve loved it and hated it, but it has affirmed my sense of calling to work in oncology. So that’s a good thing. 🙂

Nursing has tugged at me since age 17, but I went about my journey the long way. I attended Davidson College and ultimately decided to be an Anthropology major/Gender Studies minor.

My beloved Davidson.

This plan allowed me to study abroad in Ghana, where I ultimately decided to return after graduating (see here for more about my Ghanaian adventures).

I figured out my place when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer – I moved home to California to help care for him, putting off an anticipated nursing education but learning much about the importance of holistic care and the true value of family and friends. My dad’s oncology and palliative care nurses made all the difference, and I realized firsthand what an important role nurses played in the lives of their patients.

My amazing family.

I ultimately ended up in a second-degree graduate nursing program and graduated in May 2012 with a certification in Clinical Nurse Leadership. My first nursing job was in critical care, and then I ventured into community health nursing, before coming back to acute care when we moved. Working full-time and studying full-time have proven to be a challenge, and my ever-annoying migraine headaches returned with a vengeance last year. Living with a chronic illness puts a whole new perspective on the health care field…

In an effort to take better care of myself, I’ll be leaving my full-time job this fall and working per diem in both hospice and oncology. It’s the best of both worlds, really. And I get to work on my own terms…as long as those terms get the rent paid. 😉

Besides being a nurse, I am a wife and a somewhat-newlywed …

Husband and wife, just the way I like it 🙂

a mom to two pups …

One big happy family.

a daughter and sister …

and an avid reader and writer. I also love to dance away my cares in Zumba class!

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I have been blogging here since 2007, when I re-started my nursing school application process. Since then, this site has been a outlet for sharing my experiences, hearing about yours, and having a conversation about contemporary nursing. I’ve put together a section on holistic nursing, as well as hosting a virtual nursing book club, both of which have been really fun to create. I invite you to explore.

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