Holding Pattern

Not much to report here. I have a feeling it will be that way for a while as I twiddle my thumbs and await news, hopefully of the good variety.

My next hurdle will be a phone interview with one of the programs a week from Monday. I’m actually really excited about it. They sent us a DVD that was basically a compilation of clips from Discovery Health documentaries about the nursing profession. We’re supposed to watch and take notes and use our observations to reflect upon our own goals during the interview. What an innovative, creative interview tactic! Gotta love it.

I also gotta love that they send out their final decision before Christmas, BUT they don’t make you commit and put down a deposit until March, since they know that’s when most other schools notify you of your admission (or not). Other less generous schools might still make you fork up the nonrefundable cash to hold your spot, if you’re not yet sure you know where you want to go but don’t want to lose a guaranteed spot either. Definitely another mark in the plus column for them.

UCSF says their interview notification letters go out in mid-December. Interviews are January. PLU apparently doesn’t do interviews so they just tell you whether you’re in or you’re out in late February.

So there you have it. Coming soon: a play-by-play of the interview in all of its glory, soon to be followed by either one-line posts proclaiming “WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!” or “I didn’t want to go there anyway. Harumph.”

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