Keep On Keepin’ On

Well I didn’t get an interview for that oncology residency. I found out last week and had come to terms with it. I’m not unhappy where I am, I’m just restless to get where I’m going. I got places to go, a life to live, goals to meet. But I also know I have skills to learn and I can learn them in my current job. So fine. I had put my schedule in the calendar, submitted my fall classes to our scheduler and sat back.

Then a co-worker told me this week that she was leaving to work for another medical center nearby. A teaching hospital. A magnet teaching hospital. On their oncology unit. And they’re still hiring.

I feel like I’m being toyed with here.

I told her I appreciated the heads up, but I was going to stick out my year in the PCU. But I’d definitely be calling her next August. I figured most oncology positions require at least a year of med/surg experience anyway, unless they’re residencies. Why set myself up for disappointment?

Well curiosity killed the Nurse Teeny. I just had to look at the job posting. And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if the job description did not specifically say they would consider new grads with student practicum experience in an oncology setting.

In the midst of this discovery, I’ve been taking care of a lung cancer patient, and loving every second of it. Of all the possible malignancies, she would have lung cancer. When I was in that room, I felt alive.

So I submitted. And e-mailed an impassioned cover letter to their personnel office.

Sometimes you just have to go for it.

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