R & R

Today began my “summer vacation”. Approximately three weeks free from grad school. Whoop-dee-doodles. Approximately one hour after I submitted my last paper yesterday, we received an e-mail with our fall book list. They couldn’t give us one day to celebrate? 🙂

The nice part is I also have a full week off from work. I may hate working three nights in a row but it does pay dividends in long stretches away from the hospital.

I celebrated this morning by taking my friend K out for a birthday breakfast. We live about an hour apart from each other, and met in a town 20 minutes from her that S and I have talked about moving to in the future. The town was uninspiring but it WAS nice to be away from the city. As soon as I started seeing more trees than buildings, I felt like I could breathe a a little easier.

After breakfast we went to a park and walked around. I saw moms and their kiddos and started to get wistful. I’ll be 30 in a couple of months, and I think part of the reason I am so restless in my job is because I thought I would be more settled career-wise by this point. Who could imagine I’d be just starting out, and already itching for a change? I definitely want a family and I’m feeling the weight of the balancing act that is just around the corner. S calls this worry about the future “borrowing trouble” and he’s probably right, but I know it’s where a lot of my frustration comes from.

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