When Managers Mismanage

Nurse Teeny is doing her best.

I thought I was being proactive about this migraine issue. When I ended up in the ED, I notified my unit educators and the manager I thought was “my” manager (we have two floors in our department – one manager for each floor. When I was hired I was told one manager was my go-to person. She’s on leave, so I notified the assistant manager who is filling in). I requested a meeting with said manager to discuss how my health was affecting my work and to trouble-shoot, and possibly discuss whether a less stressful department might be a better fit for me. I had already made an appointment with the top neurologist in town and got the appointment moved up as far as I could. I thought I was being proactive.

Lo and behold, I get a phone call from the other manager yesterday about my absences from work. I explain to him my situation and get chewed out for not telling him sooner. He tells me that had he known about my absences earlier he would have “already terminated me”. Say what now?

I’ve had a total of four sick calls since April. Two were isolated, two were recent and related to migraines. Each and every time, I’ve done what I was told to do and contacted my unit educators. I have worked through some excruciating shifts. When it was clear that my headaches were out of control, I have taken those proactive steps. According to my union contract, I get six call-ins in a year before you even get to give me a verbal warning, and you’re talking termination?

Instead he put me on two weeks unpaid leave to “sort out my medical issues.” Then he asked me if I really needed two weeks. I didn’t ask for two weeks, that’s what you gave me. Sheesh.

When I returned a call from the other manager later in the day, she told me she was taking herself out of the situation and that the other manager would be my contact from here on out. Out of nowhere he swooped in, took over and now I have someone who is unfamiliar with the situation (mis)handling it.

I’m trying to take the high road here but I’m really effing ticked off.

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