When Silence Screams

I am five days into my leave. It is Day 11 of the Migraine from Hell. Luckily I seem to have found an incredible neurology office, and they are hitting this mother hard. My initial intake was Wednesday, and I left feeling supported, affirmed and fully hopeful that we would get this managed somehow. I also left knowing we had our work cut out for us.

The ARNP I met with is convinced that night shift is a big culprit. We discussed the timing of my breakthroughs and I realized that the increasing frequency and severity of my headaches exactly coincided with switching back from days to nights last month.

Obviously as the new kid on the block, getting a coveted day shift spot is not an option (trust me, I had already looked into it). But she did think that switching to part time (one less shift a week), even if temporarily, was a wise move. It would mean one less night of transitioning my body clock back and forth, which seems to be a major player in triggering this nonsense. Once we get things managed again and I’m feeling like myself, perhaps a day shift spot will be open and I can go full-time again. And on my “good weeks” I’ll do my best to pick up extra shifts.

So I proposed this to the manager yesterday. No response.

I had already sent him a very respectful e-mail earlier in the week to give more context to the situation, for which I received no reply, and called him after my doctor’s appointment at his request (which I didn’t have to do – hello HIPAA!). No one there and left a voicemail – no response.

I have a bad feeling about this.

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