Operating On Two Fronts

Finally got an abbreviated response from management on Friday that I needed to provide documentation from my provider in order to have a medical reason for adjusting my schedule. So I’m scrambling to get that together. I still have a week left in my leave but I want to make sure all my ducks are in a row before I step foot in those doors again.

I’m relieved they got back to me but I still don’t feel very confident. When I hadn’t heard anything, I contacted the assistant manager, just to try and touch base with someone. She told me the manager was taking care of things and that I should deal with him only. The fact that everyone else is being so close-lipped makes me feel very singled out. ‘Guess I’ll just have to advocate for myself. But it’s so isolating.

You may be wondering why I changed my tune about about requesting a change to another floor. When the mood changed, I abandoned any hope of even suggesting it. I’m in survival mode now. And if I can get them to agree to part-time and get a handle on these damn headaches, I can cope. I hope.

But I will be placing a call to my union and giving them a heads up about how things went down. Just in case. And I’m putting everything in writing.

Looking outside for jobs as well, even though the options are few and far between. I’ve applied feverishly to anything I’m even remotely qualified for.

Holding out hope for a miracle.

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