Day of Reckoning

The big guns seem to have worked. Hooray! My headache is down to a 2/10 and I have one injection to go. I am FINALLY starting to feel like myself again. (N.B.: Giving yourself IM shots is no fun at all. I don’t recommend it. Especially D.H.E. – that one is a b.i.t.c.h.)

I have spent the past week gathering documentation from my neuro ARNP about my need to switch to 0.6 FTE. Got that Wednesday and faxed it to the manager. Have been e-mailing him all week with updates, trying to stay in communication. No response until Wednesday afternoon (before he got my fax), when I got a voicemail and e-mail that I needed to get him a return to work note from my doctor before we could set up a meeting about my schedule. But just an FYI, he said, since I have missed “so much orientation” (I was on my second-to-last orientation shift when all this happened) and this leave has “seriously delayed” me being on my own, he’s scheduled me with a preceptor for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday of next week. Ummm, have I not been e-mailing all week and letting him know that I’m waiting on a doctor’s note about going to 0.6? Was he not the one who told me he needed said doctor’s note?

So then I scrambled to get a return to work note, which I did the following day. I can return to work as of Labor Day. I informed the manager of this news and was told that we will be meeting with HR on Tuesday to go over my schedule. I noted it in my calendar and hung up the phone.

But then I did a double take. HR? Why does HR need to be involved in a conversation about my schedule? Isn’t that a manager’s purview? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to involve my unit educators and discuss how I am going to transition out of orientation, given this delay?

I started to feel nervous and contacted the union rep tonight to let her know about this change. She told me in no uncertain terms that she wants to be at that meeting.

I’m glad I’ll have backup. But I’m also more nervous. Her vehemence about the importance of being present makes me worry that there’s more involved with this than my schedule.

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