It’s Here

Headed to the hospital for my Come-To-Jesus talk with management and HR, backed by my union rep. I’ve been rehearsing/strategizing all weekend long, trying to figure out the best way to tackle this one.

A few things I want to get across…

  • It took 17 days and some crazy meds to rid myself of the Migraine from Hell. I got a pretty nasty sequel on Sunday that I was able to kick with a dose of Maxalt, but not without some hincky side effects. In other words, I have no illusions that this problem is going to be resolved overnight. So what are my options: Show up to work in pain and potentially endanger my patients or call in sick and lose my job? I’ll take Door #3, please.
  • Perhaps the best option is to transfer to a different department, where day/evening shifts are available. I had toyed with proposing this at the outset, but when the game changed, I backed off. Having my union and HR present to mediate could mean that the timing is right to bring this up again.
  • Technically I am under contract to give the department a year after my residency is up. But the contract allows for “extenuating circumstances”. I believe this counts. I just wish I had the promise of a new job waiting in the wings.

To be perfectly honest, I’m scared as hell.

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