Well I survived. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but I made it through today. I’m still employed, albeit still on leave.

Our department director ended up joining us for the meeting. Although my heart dropped to my toes when she walked in the room, this turned out to be a blessing. She seemed truly concerned for my health and much more communicative. She even reassured me that this was a bump in the road that I would get through and move on from, and I would still be a nurse at the end of the day.

The gist of it is we all agree switching to 0.6 nights is not a feasible option. I proposed it because I wanted to keep my job and I knew there were no day shifts available. They said to throw it out the window and put my health first. Not to mention apparently 0.6 nights is a coveted position and someone with seniority would probably lay claim to it before me, even if I need it for medical reasons. Their ultimate question was what do I need to get these migraines under control and stay healthy?

I proposed transferring to another department. They didn’t seem opposed but they didn’t jump on that bandwagon either. They said to consult with my neurologist and get a straightforward note about what I needed medically to stabilize myself. If they were able to accommodate me, they would. If not, they would recommend to HR that I apply for a transfer. If that happens, I’ll have 30 days to convince another department to hire me.

So back to the doctor’s office I went for a consult. Got another note, which I will fax first thing in the morning. Straightforward medical opinion: Working nights is a major trigger and no longer an option. The acuity of critical care may also be a trigger because it is a source of stress, and transferring to a different department is recommended.

We’ll see what happens next…

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