Refreshed By School (?!?!)

Got home last night from my first immersion weekend of the semester. Dare I say it felt good to be back in a classroom? 🙂

It helps that my classes will be both challenging and stimulating, but in very different ways. Advanced Clinical Foundations is going to be sooooooo helpful. It’s a combined pathophysiology/pharmacology/health assessment class that takes all of the foundational information and skills we learned pre-R.N. and helps us put it into context as practicing nurses. Rather than learn this stuff by rote memorization, it will stick much better now that we’re actually using it. It really helps to integrate the content too.

Communication & Relationships is on a whole different level. Taught by a communications professor, rather than nursing faculty, this course brings me back to my undergrad liberal arts days at my beloved Davidson College. Lots of great discussion, led by a professor who is obviously passionate about the topic. And realizes that we have a lot to contribute ourselves. Loved the energy in the room.

Having one less class this fall will help too, of course!

Came home to an e-mail from my manager that I should not attend my next residency class tomorrow, since I’m still considered on leave. He said he’ll be in contact when they’ve come to a decision about my status with the department. The waiting continues…as does the job hunt. And a familiar foreboding feeling.

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