Phone Ambush

Today I got desperate. 😉

I started e-mailing every recruiter in the area that I’ve ever had a conversation with. I followed up on every job application I have out. I called my Dean of Students to update her on my situation and pick her brain for advice.

Apparently something clicked. At 1600 I got a phone call from a community health center wanting to do a phone screen. The position is for a Patient Care Coordinator…not clinical nursing, but actually a good fit for me, given my pre-nursing background and skills, my clinical knowledge from nursing school, and my Clinical Nurse Leader curriculum. I think I’d really enjoy it! ‘Twould be a pay cut (Hello, community health!), but considering the value of health and happiness, I’d be rich! 🙂

I’ll know by tomorrow if I’ve made it to the interview round. Cross your fingers!

(And even if it doesn’t work out, I’m trying to think of this as a good omen!)
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