Newbie Nurse

I had an AMAZING interview yesterday at an assisted living house for people living with HIV/AIDS. The panel of interviewers was so affirming and positive. They actually said my status as a novice nurse didn’t have to count against me…that it might actually be a plus, because it meant a fresh perspective. Who knew?

They’re interviewing a ton of people, apparently, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I think it would a challenging, stimulating, incredible job, that would allow me to provide nursing care in a setting where I get to know my patients. I should know by next week…

In the meantime, my dear friend and nursing school classmate is working her own connections at the skilled nursing facility where she works. And I’m continuing to apply internally as well…my 30-day leave of absence ends soon and if I haven’t found anything, I’ll be let go by the hospital system.

The good news is I’m feeling much better. Only 1 migraine in the past two weeks and I nipped it in the bud with my new meds. I’m back in the gym and feeling much more like myself again. Amazing what getting away from night shift will do for one’s health. 😉

Back to school this weekend…

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