Hitting a Wall

It’s been one of those days…

The morning started off really great with an e-mail from a hospital system recruiter wanting to set up a phone screen. So I sent her a bunch of times that I was available and waited eagerly.

And waited some more… 😉 Not that I expect her to respond to me as eagerly as I did to her, but it’s so nervewracking. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hear something?

Then came the successive punches in the gut. First, I heard from the HIV/AIDS house that they had filled the position. Then I got an e-mail from a recruiter about a long-term care job that had really seemed promising (especially since my friend works there and was talking me up to the Director of Nursing). Apparently no dice because the DNS wants someone “experienced.” And then to end my day, an e-mail about a bone marrow transplant job I’ve been waiting to hear about for months – they had originally told me they may or may not hire new grads, but confirmed today that all positions on the unit had been filled.

Not to mention that today is my official last day of being employed. Way to go out with a bang, Nurse Teeny.

At least I can file for unemployment now. And if those jerks even try to fight me, I will go to the freaking mattresses.

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