To Commute Or Not To Commute?

Apartment hunting is the worst.  Most places on craigslist are posted only a month or so before they become available (if not sooner) so traveling to my city-to-be 6 weeks before I am scheduled to move is proving a challenge.  Not to mention there aren’t a whole lot of options for places to live in the area immediately surrounding my school.

I do have appointments to look at a couple of apartment communities.  One is in the southwest part of town and is built completely of recycled materials.  Pretty damn cool.  And since it’s in town I’ll feel very urban chic (or as close as I’ll ever get to urban chic).  And eco-hip, considering I’m going to be living green.  However, this hipness comes with a rent price tag that is about $150 more per month than the going rate in that part of town.

The other option is in the burbs – a brand new community that is absolutely fabulous.  And I do mean absolutely fabulous.  I could only afford a studio but hell, it’s just going to be me, and once I start the graduate part of my program, I’ll have an income again and can upgrade.  The apartment is literally two blocks from the subway/metro/train station that can take me straight into town, and the school has a free shuttle that can pick you up from a nearby station and take me straight to campus.  This method of getting to school is actually faster than living in the city and having to change buses three times.  On days where I have to drive, it’s only about a 20-minute commute.

When I was living in North Carolina and attending grad school at Duke, it took me about 20-25 minutes to get home every day.  Although it was a bit of a hassle, when I got home, I was home and it was nice to literally distance myself from the craziness at school.  Since I won’t exactly have a disposable income for my first two years, it’s not like I can take advantage of the restaurants or nightlife in the city, and my program is going to be so intense, I’m wondering if giving myself that space would be to my benefit.

But am I “selling out” by moving where I’ve always wanted to live and yet settling in the suburbs?  Isn’t this my opportunity to be young and single in the city?  Am I over-analyzing this decision?

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