The Pen Is Mightier

I wish I could say no news is good news but alas…

For some reason I’m much more discouraged this time around. I’m taking every “Thanks but no thanks” e-mail much more personally and wondering why the experience I did gain in the PCU seems to count for nothing.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I’m turning 30 on Saturday and life isn’t exactly how I pictured it. I spent last weekend cleaning out old boxes at my mom’s house and marvelling over the fact that she and my dad kept everything. And I do mean everything. 🙂 I found projects from preschool, trophies, trinkets, and every essay I ever wrote. I also found a letter of recommendation from my high school English teacher, who always believed in my writing abilities.

It has hit me on more than one occasion that this blog has been a saving grace. You all share such nice comments about how it has helped you, but sharing this journey has saved my sanity. 🙂 So I really have you to thank.

And a birthday resolution to share. Rather than sit around and wait for something to happen, I’m going to make it happen the way I know best. I’m going to write.

Journal articles, magazines, guest posts, maybe even a book (!), it’s time to take my life back.  No more holding pattern. It’s my gift to myself. And hopefully to you. 🙂

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