Many thanks for the very kind birthday wishes! I feel the blogworld love! 🙂

I mentioned last week that I’ve been inspired to do some extra-curricular writing. The wheels are turning for some big projects, but I think I’m going to start with submitting a revised paper for journal publication. I’ve been surfing my school’s Library webpage for lists of journal titles relevant to my topic, and will start making revisions this week. The paper of choice is a discussion about the place of the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) in oncology nursing. We’ll see what happens!

It occurred to me during this thought process that I still have yet to really discuss the Clinical Nurse Leader, as I had promised to do. The CNL is a relatively new role in nursing and still very unfamiliar to many in our profession. I found myself explaining responsibilities and debunking myths on an almost daily basis while I was working.

The best way I know how to introduce this role is to share the review of literature paper that I wrote over the summer. It explains the history, controversy and promise of the CNL, and gives you quite an extensive bibliography to do your own research (if you so desire).

Then, let’s talk. I want to hear what you think of the Clinical Nurse Leader. Had you ever heard of it before you read this blog? Is it just another set of initials in the nursing alphabet soup, or do you see potential? How can/should the CNL fit into the health care reform picture? Could you imagine yourself working as a CNL?

I’ll share my own thoughts too. I just want to hear your honest opinions.

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