A Shopping We Will Go

Greetings from my city-to-be. Mom and I love it here – everyone is so friendly and helpful! And so much green. 🙂

We just finished a looooooooong day of apartment hunting – 4 places in all, all appealing for different reasons. Rent was comparable across the board, even though each location was in a very different part of town. And I’ve pretty much got my heart set on the “green” building I mentioned before.

The location is fantastic – close in but not in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. A five minute walk from a very cute little neighborhood of shops and restaurants and wine bars. A hop, skip and a jump from the bus line that will take me right into town. Although the suburbs were nice and clean and offered a lot of shopping, the commute would get very old very fast (especially on clinical days – ugh!), I think this is the time to take advantage of being young and living a little bit more urban, which I’ve never done before. If I had a family to worry about, I’d be more inclined toward suburbia. But for now, it’s just little ol’ me.

So there you have it … They’re processing my application as we speak and I will be more than likely putting down a deposit on my new home within the next week or two. What a relief to have this part figured out. And how cool that I can put my money where my mouth is and live in a place that is so environmentally friendly.

Yesterday we visited my campus. It was beautiful, if a little far out from the rest of town. But seeing the classrooms and simulation labs and textbooks on the shelves of the student store made me very jazzed about being in school again.

All in all a successful weekend. Tomorrow we get to play – I’m meeting a friend (and fellow Davidson alum) and her fiance for breakfast, then we’re off to see more of the city!

Ciao for now.

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