Pie In the Sky

Every so often, I check the careers website at the hospital where I did my senior practicum, just to humor myself. I think to myself, maybe someday there will be an opening in peds hematology/oncology?

Well today’s the day, folks.

I feasted my eyes on the job description – 0.6 FTE, nights (blech!), but on my beloved unit where I learned so much about being a nurse. And I think I could do nights if it was two shifts a week.

Plus we’d get to move back to my ol’ stomping grounds and my commute to school for class weekends would get a lot shorter (3 hours shorter, to be exact).

Everything about this feels right. Let’s just hope they agree.

I’ve already applied, and e-mailed the manager (who I think liked me), and my preceptor (who loved me).

Fingers crossed!


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