I am making a concerted effort not to get my hopes up about the peds hem/onc position. Though my application status has changed from “active” to “under review” and I know that I have folks on the inside pulling for me. So there are reasons to be hopeful, but I am also trying to be realistic. We will see…

In the meantime, I am continuing to search for other opportunities. I wasn’t keeping track for my first month, but I am required to do so for unemployment benefits (which are still pending, since they’re considering my termination a “voluntary quit”….riiiiight). Anyhoo, my job application tally (since October 25) is now 35…this is starting to feel eerily familiar. Plus I know there is a fresh batch of new grads getting ready to finish in December, so I’m antsy to be employed now. No offense to those of you graduating next month, but I would rather not have the added competition. 🙂

I interviewed today for a long-term care RN position at a SNF and felt pretty good about. My friend K. works there and has been really happy, which is a good sign, and I would get to work with patients on an ongoing basis. The manager seemed to like me, so fingers crossed!

This whole experience has been such a different picture than what I envisioned when this journey began. But that’s life. 🙂

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