Nurses In the News

The nursing profession has been making some headlines recently, with the Institute of Medicine’s recent publication of the report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (you can download a free PDF copy here). The IOM makes several recommendations related to how nurses can lead the way in transforming health care.

The response is sure to be interesting…and perhaps controversial. NPR’s Talk of the Nation did a segment yesterday on how nurses can fill the gaps in primary care, as well as doctors’ responses to the IOM’s recommendations.

I would also encourage you to tune into the Institute for Healthcare Improvement‘s coverage of these developments. WIHI (their web-based broadcasting system) is devoting an entire show to the IOM report tomorrow, featuring some very prominent guests. Any of you novices or experts ever heard of Patricia Benner? 😉

You can enroll (for free!) to listen to the broadcast live (2-3 pm EST) and participate via web chat while you’re at it, or download via the Archives if you can’t catch it tomorrow (you can also subscribe free to all WIHI broadcasts via iTunes).

I’ll be tuning in and would love to hear what you thought!

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