All quiet on the nursing front, but I *hope* to have some exciting news to share soon (and I *do* have some fun posts up my sleeve). Thank you for staying faithful despite my radio silence. It’s been an interesting (?) few months…

At least another semester is winding down. One more weekend of classes, plus a quiz, two papers, and one final exam to go. We are all SO burnt out. Even classes that should be interesting and relevant are tough to get through. They keep reassuring us that our energy/motivation levels cycle in grad school…I hope to see an upswing soon.

It’s hard to mentally fit the pieces together and create an image of why we’re even here at this point. As opposed to NPs or nurse-midwives, who have clear professional objectives in mind, the Clinical Nurse Leader is still so new and being implemented so differently across the board, that for many of us, the light at the end of the tunnel is having a Master’s degree. Not knowing what we’ll actually do with that degree is messing with our heads a little. 😉

On that note, I am curious to hear what you thought of the WIHI podcast that I posted about two weeks ago. Did you find it relevant? Do you think your own practice will change? Did your own goals change at all because of what you heard? I for one found myself reconsidering a DNP – nurse practitioners are going to be absolutely vital to health care reform and I think it would be exciting and challenging to be on the front lines of that delivery (plus, teaching and working in critical shortage areas = getting my loans paid back by Uncle Sam!!!).

Let’s talk shop!

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