I’m back!!! Did you miss me? 🙂

The semester that would never end FINALLY ended last night when I pressed “Submit” on my Advanced Clinical final exam. 7 case studies…kill me now.

I celebrated by waking up this morning at o’dark thirty (read 4 am) and driving 3 hours for a job interview. The lengths a nurse will go to for employment in this economy. 😉

I’m sitting at a coffee shop a block away from the interview site, guzzling caffeine and trying to will away the frizzy hair and enormous bags under my eyes. It ain’t pretty. I wouldn’t do this to myself except for: 1) The job is pretty awesome and I’m a finalist (read: there are 3 of us left standing at this point); and 2) It’s in the town where I went to nursing school, where S and I are jonesing for an excuse to return. So set the alarm I did, cursing my lucky stars.

I feel like I was just here. Oh wait, I was. I spent two days on Monday and Tuesday for two other interviews: one the initial interview for this job, and one for a hospital residency program in oncology!

My little car is racking up the miles. But after this I get to put the job stress aside, ignore anything that starts with an “s” and ends in “chool”, and enjoy the holidays with my family! My mom leaves for the Peace Corps in January, so this will be an extra-special Christmas.

How are you celebrating the holidays? Anyone scheduled to take the NCLEX before 2011?

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