10 in ’10: A Year In Posts

Stay tuned for some holly jolly news (fingers crossed!) later this week, but in the spirit of looking back, here are my 10 favorite/most memorable posts from 2010.

  1. NCLEX Prep Reflections – After surviving the rite of passage myself (and being reduced to a catatonic state that only a martini – or three – could fix), I offer a few words of wisdom…
  2. Things I Am Tired of Hearing – Two months into the job hunt and I was seeing red. If you’re a new RN, be prepared for well-meaning friends and relatives to offer well-meaning (but ill-received advice). If you’re a well-meaning friend or relative, you would do well to avoid the following. If you are a recruiter, consider revising your job descriptions!
  3. Paying My Respects – I learn that sometimes the best way to be a good nurse is to show up.
  4. Working Girl – I land my first job. My comment about working night shift is “Eeps.” Prophetic, eh?
  5. Lessons from the Night Shift – Working overnight is no joke. I realize this in less than 12 hours.
  6. Transition Shock – I come to the realization that the first year of nursing can be rather unkind.
  7. One Step Forward… – The challenges continue.
  8. Deflated – I find myself at an emotional, mental and physical crossroads.
  9. The Search Continues – My tenure in critical care ends, and I look forward with both hope and trepidation.
  10. Nurse Teeny’s Favorite Things – I may be unemployed and broke at the end of my first year in nursing, but I still covet nursey stuff. 😉

10 in ’10 Part Deux to come after Christmas: Looking Forward to the New Year!

P.S. The end of the semester has finally allowed me time to sit down and digest the Institute of Medicine report on the future of nursing. As promised, I’ll have much to share when I finish!

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