The To-Do List Grows

My orientation packet came in the mail Tuesday. Hip hip hooray!

Or not.

Suddenly I have a lot to do (and a lot of money to spend)! The packet included information about purchasing scrubs, supplies and textbooks. I began to feel very nauseous when I saw what it would cost me.

Not to mention the paperwork that needs to be completed and mailed back ASAP, and business that has to get taken care of:

  • Student nurse association application and dues
  • Documentation of CPR certification – thank God I did this at work in April!
  • Immunization Records (despite having had two TB tests in less than a year, I have to have another one. Apparently your most recent test has to be within 3 months of entering the program.)
  • VA Hospital Federal “Employee” Forms
  • Drug test (after I move)
  • $82 for my skills lab kit (which doesn’t include any actual supplies such as stethoscopes, scissors, pen lights, etc.)
  • Uniform orders

The worst part of it all was that the packet included nothing.zero.zilch about my upcoming schedule. I still don’t know what my actual weeks will look like. Son of a bitch. They did at least acknowledge that the dearth of information was due to the fact that clinical rotations aren’t set up by the hospitals themselves until the last minute. Oh yeah, and they mentioned that the program calendar does not match the university calendar, so we should be careful about scheduling trips home and holiday breaks before we start the semester. Goody.

I have a sinking feeling that I am about to sell my soul (and my life). Nursing school, here I come! 🙂

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