Nurse Teeny, Esquire

Tuesday was my telephone hearing to appeal the unemployment ruling that I was ineligible for benefits. The judge asked me a series of questions to clarify my ability and availability to work – it lasted about 20 minutes.

I got the ruling yesterday that the ruling had been set aside, which means I WON!

The judge who heard my case appeared to agree with my arguments, stating:

…[A]lthough the claimant has certain medical limitations in her ability to work in her professional field, those limitations are based on a medical condition, possibly a permanent condition, and therefore should not be the basis for denying unemployment benefits.

In other words, don’t take away my right to unemployment benefits because I have a chronic health condition. (I believe that’s called Discrimination. Look it up, unemployment people.) The judge also pointed out that I was able to find a job as a nurse within a “reasonable period of time”, which means that my inability to work night shift did not “substantially” restrict my ability to find employment in my profession.


Barring any other shenanigans by the Unemployment Office, I should have about 9 weeks of back-pay coming to me shortly. More than enough to last me until my first paycheck.

Some things are worth fighting for! 🙂

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