What’s In a Name?

So my school contacted me today… Apparently there is some confusion about what to call me. Legally I still have my married name until my divorce becomes final (September 22 – count ’em!) but I had requested that I go by my maiden name in the program so I don’t have to go through the whole rigamarole of changing my name, student ID, and e-mail in the middle of the school year. Originally the Registrar’s office had told me that they couldn’t do anything until I brought in documentation that the legal change had been made. But apparently my records suddenly reflect my maiden name, so that is what the nursing school is going by. Sweet.

The only catch is that since one of our first clinicals will at VA hospital, they may require my paperwork to reflect my “real” legal name since it’s part of the federal government and all. They’re trying to sort that out presently. What a mess this divorce is making! But as my nursing program coordinator very aptly (and kindly) pointed out, what divorce isn’t messy? All I know is, it will take A LOT of time and soul-searching for me to ever change my name again. Maybe when I have kids?

In other news, still no word from Financial Aid. C’mon people, I’ve got scrubs to purchase! But the school did allow me to set up an informal listserv and invite my future classmates to join so that we can start getting e-acquainted. So far about half of us have signed up. I feel like this is a positive step and people seem very excited about the idea.

The whole thing is beginning to feel very real.

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