Went to a Life Uniform store today and tried on scrubs, lab coats, and nursing shoes so I knew what sizes to order online when (if?) my loan money ever comes through.  My program has extremely specific uniform requirements, from the length of the lab coat to the specific designer, style and color of the scrubs.  Purple anyone?

I am also doing research online to find deals on a stethoscope (adult AND pediatric), anaeroid BP cuff, hemostat, bandage scissors and penlights.  Not to mention some serious compression hose for all those hours on our feet.  If any readers have tips, myself and my wallet appreciate it greatly.

It was actually very exciting to walk out of that fitting room, decked head to toe in nursing duds.  Brings me one step closer to getting started!  And as boyfriend so helpfully pointed out (after calling me “Barney” thanks to the color of my get-up), I get to wear pajamas three days a week.  What could be better?

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