Survey Says…

…We have a winner!!!

Oh my, do I think I’m going to love this job! I think it’s going to be challenging, rewarding and utterly fascinating!

I did get rear-ended on my way in this morning, which made me nervous about how the rest of Day 1 would go. But apparently that was the low point. 😉

The first half of the morning was spent at our monthly all-staff meeting (they scheduled me to start today on purpose). I met my co-workers, started learning people’s roles and started soaking in the goo-gobs of information they threw out. Then the most senior nurse on the team, who is leading my orientation process, took me under her wing for the rest of the day. We’ve already gotten to do a home visit with a social worker and tomorrow I have my first Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting to discuss current open cases.

My role as a Community Health RN will be to respond to referral requests regarding elderly clients and adults with disabilities who have potential medical needs. We will support these individuals so that they can live in their communities as fully and independently as possible. There are no doctors on our team – I have a feeling I will spend a lot of time advocating and empowering and working autonomously, which is just amazing.

I’ll work four days a week (Monday-Thursday – how I scored that schedule, I’ll never know). And NO NIGHT SHIFT! I’ll be primarily responsible for one area of the county, but all of the RNs help cover for each other.

My orientation will consist of the following (4-6 weeks total, depending on my comfort level):

  • 2 weeks with my area team, going out on home visits with case managers and social workers to learn how the referral process works and understand my role in this context (this will be interspersed with county-wide trainings).
  • 1 week or so with each of the other area RNs, since I will ultimately be responsible for covering all areas when needed.

I have my own desk, a company cell phone and a kit with glucometer, BP cuff and pulse ox, plus various other supplies for completing my assessments.

As Annie says, I’m know I’m gonna like it here!

What a difference a year makes. 🙂

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