One Chapter Closes

I am inching ever closer to D-day: July 16th, when I pack up and roll on out. Today was my last day of “real” work. For the past several months, I have held an interim administrative position at a free medical/dental clinic and social services organization.

Our agency is closed all next week for some renovations so I said a lot of good-byes today. I’ll still be coming back and forth to our annex building next week to wrap up one last project and do busy work for different department heads, so that I can pull in a full final paycheck. So I’m not officially outta here until July 3rd. But today feels very final. They had a “happy trails” potluck yesterday and we’re all going out to happy hour when we close at 4 today.

It has been a roller coaster, to say the least. But I have learned A LOT about leadership, about working with very different personalities and about navigating the health care/service system. And the organization was ever-so-supportive last fall when I was taking care of my dad. So all in all, I have to put it in the “good experience” column (although I could tell you some stories that would make you cringe).

Happy trails indeed.

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