Adventures in Apartment Furnishing

So I am now officially an unemployed graduate student.  Hooray for living off of loans (which, incidentally, are STILL yet to come from financial aid.  I have a sinking suspicion this is going to be an ongoing saga).  I wrapped up my final project at work last week and was handed my final paycheck.  That chapter is officially closed – I even left the job on my Facebook profile!  For those not in-the-know, you haven’t really done something until you’ve announced it on Facebook.  😉

Last night Mom threw a going-away party for my sister and I (sister leaves for grad school in the Bay Area in August, which she also put off for a year to take care of our father).  50+ friends and relatives crowded into the house to eat burgers, drink beer and give us fun presents.  And I wasn’t even expecting presents!  We received some nice housewarming items, not to mention gift cards that I promptly spent this morning on a spice rack, tea kettle and various bed/bath knick knacks.  Minus a few small appliances and some living room furniture, I am pretty much sorted for my new little apartment.

Boyfriend leaves Wednesday for his first of two business trips in one week, so we are feverishly trying to squeeze in as much quality time as possible.  Otherwise I’m spending time packing, organizing and brushing up on Anatomy & Physiology.  T-minus 9 days!

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