Whew.  I can’t believe the road trip to my new city begins in less than 48 hours!  What happened to the last two weeks????  Our internet at home has been down for most of that time, hence my inconsistent posting.  But a lot has happened as preparations wind down and movement winds up!

Finally got my student loan information from Financial Aid and finished all of my lender applications the same day.  Hopefully that all goes through smoothly.  Supposedly my scrubs and equipment are on their way to my adorable little apartment.  And just moments ago, I received an e-mail from the Program Coordinator with our entire fall schedule.  It’s gonna be a super intense semester but I am looking forward to staying busy – it’ll give me less time to mope about missing a certain someone.

This year has been full of transitions.  And aching backs – I HATE moving with the fire of ten thousand suns!

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