Achy Breaky Back

Finito! Grandparents’ RV is packed and ready to go! With the exception of one last laundry load, my clothes are packed away too. We managed to fit everything except the huge bookcase I inherited from work. And the cabinet that was to double as an entertainment center turned out not to be big enough for the ginormous TV I bought from my step teacher. My family was a HUGE help, as always.

Boyfriend’s flight arrives in two hours from his 2nd of two business trips that were scheduled by his boss in the midst of this craziness. I am picking him up, taking him home to unpack and then pack again, and play with the pup, then we head back here to get some sleep. Estimated departure time for the morning: 6 a.m. Blech!

We’ll stop tomorrow night at the home of my mom’s college roommate, then try to make it the rest of the way on Thursday. Friday I am scheduled to get my key and start moving in. I’ve made offers on Craigslist for living room furniture that can hopefully be delivered for a little extra cash, and my grandparents are helping purchase a few other odds and ends. Still have to get a mattress for my bed and lease a car when I get there. The cable guy comes Saturday morning.

Orientation begins a week from tomorrow! The school has been furiously sending us our class schedules, orientation agendas, and textbook lists. My financial aid and student health insurance are pending. My scrubs and equipment should be sitting in my apartment.

I’m ready.

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