I’m So Rone-ry

Okay, so it’s not THAT bad.  But it is kinda quiet around here.

We arrived in my new city on Friday afternoon and started moving in.  Although it took a while for my little apartment to look liveable, it’s actually coming together quite nicely.  And there is something I love about having a place to myself.  Not to mention I leased a SWEET ride for the duration of my time here – a 2008 Atomic Blue Honda Civic.

So adorably cute and great gas mileage to boot.  My landlords forgot to assign me an outdoor parking space as I had requested, so they temporarily gave me a garage spot for the price of an outdoor spot.  And if I want to stay inside, they’ll only raise the rate $10 instead of $20.  I could be tempted with my beautiful car, which also happens to be the #1 most stolen vehicle in America right now.  Who knew?

Early this morning I took “S”* to the airport.  He drove up here with me and my family, was a super trooper helping move in and get organized, and we got to play house for a couple of days, which was wonderful.  It absolutely sucks that our relationship has to be long-distance for the time being but I have a distinct feeling he’s not going anywhere.  Neither am I.  This guy is beyond a keeper. 🙂

When I got home I moped around a bit, then put together the new entertainment center (gift from S), purchased to accommodate my beastly TV.  Then my family came over and we hung pictures, bought groceries and kept putting the place together.  They left this afternoon.  So now it’s just little ole me.

Tomorrow I’ll start exploring a bit, running a few more errands and calling a couple friends I know in town.  Tuesday I go to the river with a former co-worker, who is up here visiting her folks.  Wednesday and Thursday are orientation for school.  Friday I resolve to figure out the public transportation system here.  And next Monday is my first day of school (and first day of full-time studenthood in 5 years).

I’m excited, nervous, terrified, eager, curious and more… And I can’t wait to share stories with y’all!

*NOTE: From now I shall cease to refer to boyfriend as “boyfriend” because I’m 27 and feel kind of high school-ish referring to my significant other as such.  And on my other blog he was “S”, so it fits. So there.

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