Geeking Out

One of the things I love most about my job is that it feeds my inner nerd. 😉

Whereas I was lucky if I had time to look up an unfamiliar medication in acute care, I have the luxury of conducting my own research in order to encourage evidence-based practice among my colleagues and by other health care providers. It pretty much rocks.

We have instituted a mini-Journal Club within our nursing team, inspired by questions about why our clients have (seemingly) ten million medications and by debates about scientific recommendations versus the “real world” we see. My argument for requesting the journal club was that we can’t recommend practice changes if we don’t understand current practice standards. And the communal nature of our meetings has allowed us to share perspectives and wisdom that we would otherwise miss.

I have also found perverse satisfaction in writing letters to primary care providers with treatment change recommendations and citing (in APA format, of course) the studies I have found. I know I’m not an MD/PA/NP and I don’t recommend specific medications or treatments – I just use the evidence to ask that they think about alternatives that may be more helpful to their patients.

Apparently I’m learning something in grad school!

Even better…apparently all this grad school gobbledy-gook might actually have real-world value. 🙂

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