Oh Happy Day!

The first half of 2011 has been anything but smooth! (11 in ’11? Pshaw…try SURVIVING in 11!) I’ve learned to cope (and perhaps even grow up a little), but let’s not sugar coat things…

I’m ready for things to be a little easier!

So imagine my delight when S called with this juicy morsel: he got a new job! A new local job!

No more weekend commutes…No more shelling out rent/grocery money for two places…No more trying to create a home when half of the home is away 4 nights a week… And no more job from hell for S! Yay!

Sure it’s a bit of a pay cut. And the job is technically temporary. But it gets his foot in the door with a wonderful company, in an industry he knows very well. So we’re considering it a step forward. And financially it’s a wash with the money we’ll be saving in extra rent/gas/food expenses.

He comes home for good on Thursday. New gig starts on Monday.

Here comes the good part. 🙂

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