Full Circle Indeed

The clinical semester that wasn’t continues to be a huge pain in my rear. We are now in week 8 of 12 for the term, with no sign of my badge. The newest revelation is that we are missing some background check form that we have to fill out on-site and takes a million and a half years to complete. So I’ll be spending my day off Friday doing that. *Supposedly* I’m being told I can retrieve my badge and access codes the same day, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

Regardless, it is mathematically impossible for me to complete this semester’s required hours (and probably next semester’s) without absolutely killing myself. I’m being told one option is to use our three weeks off in August to make up some of the time. So while my classmates have much needed time away from school, we are expected to scramble and give up, oh I don’t know, a much needed weekend out-of-town, or scheduled engagement pictures, or catching up on wedding planning because someone else royally screwed up. ¬†Go ahead and call me a brat, but no thank you. I love that they pay lip service to “self care” until it comes down to the wire.

I’m beyond frustrated with our lead instructor, who continues to pass the blame onto the VA. The hospital may have messed up in their own communication process, but is it not the school’s responsibility to follow up and make sure their student’s placements are a-okay? Preferably before the semester begins? Call me crazy, but I thought that was part of your job description.

So where does that leave me?

Meeting with the Dean tomorrow, that’s where. I have some serious concerns about the program as a whole that go beyond my immediate issues. But you can bet your sweet bottom that she’ll be hearing about my issues too.

I did discover that to sit for the CNL certification exam we only need to do 400 hours including a 300-hour immersion. The school requires 500 hours for some twisted, perverted reason. So I’m thinking of asking for some kind of hours exception, given the circumstances. If it’s all the same to the AACN, I don’t see why the school can’t work with us.

But if that’s a no go, there is one other alternative that chaps my hide but I am seriously considering…

Asking for a leave of absence because I will go insane if I have to cram in almost 200 hours this fall. Then starting this final year over next summer…maybe. But in the meantime, putting my foot down and demanding they make it possible for me to get my BSN so that I have a degree to back up my RN license (which has to be renewed in 2012).

No more nice Nurse Teeny.

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