It’s amazing what genuine validation can do for the human psyche.

I entered my meeting with the Dean totally deflated and ready to leave the school entirely. I left still frustrated with my situation but more hopeful that I was being heard.

I guess there’s a reason she’s the Dean. 😉

I’m also impressed that the school is doing its own Root Cause Analysis on this delay. Which means they are going to pick the process apart piece-by-piece and figure out what may have contributed. Find the “root cause,” so to speak. Their willingness to turn inward impressed me.

Plus she pleaded with me not to leave. I can’t deny that it felt good to feel wanted. The cynical side of me says of course they want me – graduate tuition is $$$. But I have to believe that this woman had more honest intentions.

We talked at length about my cohort’s concerns. About feeling unheard. About getting to the collective point where we just want to graduate and walk away. About feeling coerced into staying because we needed a nursing degree. She talked about believing that the program needed a serious look and possibly an overhaul. She gave me context about why decisions had been made the way they had.

She communicated. And she listened.

So I’ll put one foot in front of the other.

I still don’t know if it’s mathematically possible for me to finish every one of my hours. But after tonight, I believe that that the people in charge know the situation and are pushing for flexibility. So I feel that I can move forward.

And hopefully still walk across that stage in May.


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