Another Personal Plea

Last year I asked for tips to cope with my migraines. Thank you for your personal and professional advice. You’ve seen me through quite a saga.

I’m back again seeking your wisdom.

My new neurologist is playing with my medications (at my request). Although it’s clear to both of us that I still need to take a daily prophylactic med, anticonvulsants will not be an option when it comes time to make babies. Which will hopefully come soon after getting hitched (did I mention that’s in less than 90 days? SO EXCITED!).

So we decided better to monkey with things now than when I’m attempting to get pregnant (or already pregnant and still getting headaches with no relief).

Doc switched me from Zonegran, an antiepileptic, to Inderal, a beta-blocker. I’d heard that beta-blockers can be extremely effective in preventing migraines. And in the words of my neurologist, I’m apparently “tightly wound,” so it wouldn’t hurt taking something that helps me tone it down a notch or two. Yes, apparently even my brand new doctor can see that I need to take a chill pill. Literally. Sheesh.

I’m two weeks in and unfortunately all this crap makes me want to do is sleep.

Or faint. I attempted Zumba the other night and almost passed out after 20 minutes. I could feel my body screaming for oxygen, but my heart rate wouldn’t rise to meet the demand, and therefore my cardiac output was insufficient (Yay pathophysiology?). It wasn’t pretty.

So anyone else out there taking Inderal for migraines (or anything else)? Does this blasted exercise intolerance wane? PLEASE tell me your body adjusts!

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