My summer “break” until the end of August has been filled with catching up on clinical hours and papers. Some break!

But it does have me getting kind of excited (if a bit indimidated) about the project I am about to tackle. Our final year of training to be a CNL is focused on spending goo-gobs of hours at our clinical sites and implementing a clinical improvement project. Which is a lot harder than it sounds.

After spending almost 100 hours at my site, I’ve settled on an age-old problem for nurses: shift report. How do you know what information you need to pass along to your incoming colleagues? What can be left out on the assumption/prayer that someone will read your nursing notes?

At my site, this issue is complicated all the more by the fact that there is only one RN on a unit at any given time. So shift report encompasses the charge RN, the medication nurse (usually an LPN, sometimes an RN) and then three or four CNAs. And the information you think is important as an RN may not carry the same weight for CNAs, whose priorities will be focused on direct care and ADL issues.

So needless to say, it’s going to be tricky. Any tips from my fellow nurses/nursing students out there? What do you think are the “non-negotiables” when it comes to shift report?

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