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Wow, September was an impressive month. I think I set a record for least number of posts! 😉

As you can imagine, life has been a bit chaotic around here.

My family arrives next Tuesday afternoon – I can’t wait to have them all here, but our tiny little house is going to be bursting at the seams. Nice and cozy. We leave Thursday for the wedding site, which is a 3-hour drive away. When I come back, I’ll be a Mrs. 🙂 (Well, sort of…I’m keeping my own name so it would be weird to call myself “Mrs. Maiden Name”.)

And then there’s the little matter of the flu I’ve been fighting off since Sunday night. At least I’m getting it over with before next week. A sick bride is not a pretty sight. And being home ill is giving me some much needed R&R…not like I’d be able to focus on work at this point.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I have school all weekend?

I promise to be back in business soon! Thank you for your patience with me!

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