Reading Rainbow

I told some co-workers the other day how much I miss reading. I told them I couldn’t wait to graduate so I could swallow books whole.

True confession: My favorite TV show as a kid was this…

Lately I’ve been averaging only 2-3 books a year. By the time I get into bed at night I get through a page. Maybe two. I kid you not. My brain has been wore.out.

So as the greatest day in the looooong course of my education approaches (that would be 5/5/12, in case you were curious), I want to start a new tradition. A nursing book club. Virtual, of course.

Because this blog is intended to foster dialogue, debate and conversation. Because I want you to be both challenged and nurtured. Because I want to dive into the hearts and minds of others, particularly other nurses. Because I want to escape to other worlds and other times. Because I love to read. Because I miss reading. Because we nurses need to stick together. And the best way to do that is talk to each other.

I’ll spend the next few months getting things set up and collecting suggestions. We’ll officially hit the ground running next spring.

So send me your requests for possible books and topics. The only parameters:

1) The content should ideally be about us. “Us” can be defined broadly. Us as nurses (and nursing students), us as health care providers, and even us as health consumers. It can be fiction, non-fiction, self-help, whatever. We are health care providers and that means many different things.

2) We can address controversial issues but I don’t have an agenda to push here. Neither should you.

3) I will also accept book reviews that you can submit as a guest post.

4) This is an independent effort and I am not being paid or perked by any author or publisher. The books I (we) select are of our own choosing.

So take a look, it’s in a book… 🙂

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