Outside the Box

Part of our CNL curriculum is a series of Integrative Health courses offered over three consecutive semesters. The sequence progresses from focusing on self-care, to understanding the evidence about integrative health options, to integrating more holistic options into our practice as future CNLs. It has been fascinating to me from Day 1. As someone who works in “conventional medicine”, I also see a naturopath for my primary care and endocrinology, a nurse-midwife for my lady needs, an acupuncturist for everything, and even an energy healer. I routinely recommend complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities to my clients and push their PCPs to get a little bit more creative about treatment options. I firmly believe that the journey toward health is led by the patient, and that the patient-provider relationship is a partnership.

So you might say I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. 🙂

And my integrative health classes have gotten me hungry to learn more…

I want to understand all of the modalities that are available and how they can help us as health care professionals, as patient advocates, and as patients ourselves. I want to open your minds to the possibilities.

So I’m launching a new series…”The Holistic Nurse”. Together we’ll explore what it means to be healthy and what it means to seek health. We’ll learn about CAM options you may never have heard of before. We’ll have our minds stretched.

I invite you to be an active participant. If you have ever participated in Traditional Chinese Medicine, qi gong, yoga, or dozens of other health-seeking practices, I invite you to share your stories. Positive and negative. Let’s have an open, honest conversation.

And if you are a provider and would like to guest post about your practice, I enthusiastically invite you to do so.

Just click on the Contact link and let’s start talking!

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