Coming Out?

Something has been nagging at me for the better part of the year. The volume got louder when I became self-hosted and started investigating ways to improve the quality and consistency of my content. Here’s the question:

 Do I go public?

 Many people have already figured out my identity – it’s not like I’ve done a meticulous job of hiding it. But I have made an effort to keep my name, location and professional affiliations (school and work) private.

After almost four years of blogging, however, I feel that I’m at a crossroads. There are places I want to take The Makings of a Nurse, and I’m not sure I can do so as an anonymous amateur blogger.

So I sat down and scratched out a pro/con list…


  • Opportunities to develop the blog by participating personally in social media conferences and forums (which I have avoided until now due to my masked-blogger persona).
  • Possibly greater credibility among fellow health care social media users.
  • Chances to generate an income from the site, beyond utilizing ad networks.
  • More chances to guest-post and contribute to nursing social media.
  • Potential opportunities to turn my writing (which has always been my love) into part of my career (which has always been a goal), rather than a hobby I rarely make time for.


  • Quite possibly pissing off some key players in my career and education. Revealing my identity means linking myself more intimately with the content. A reality that my employers and/or professors may not love.
  • Although I am already extremely vigilant about HIPAA, going public would require even greater attention to detail in an effort to protect the privacy of my patients, my co-workers and my classmates.

Mathematically speaking, there are more pros. But the cons are pretty weighty issues that have held me back thus far.

What do you think, dear readers and friends? Do I dare?

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