’11 in 11: Looking Back

Well it’s time to look at 2011 in retrospect. I will say one thing about the year: I have never felt more scattered. In terms of the blog, there were months that saw only one or two posts, and others when I couldn’t shut up. On a personal/professional level, S and I spent the first part of the year commuting home on weekends thanks to school and my new job. And our home changed from one state to another in the midst of the commuting. Our relationship was tested and strengthened in whole new ways. And then we closed out the year by getting hitched. 🙂

So I admit to looking back with some trepidation. If you are a faithful reader, I know it was probably a frustrating year for you. If you were new to the blog, there’s a chance that my unpredictable approach turned you off for good. But regardless of how the year went, it’s important to learn some important lessons and move forward.

First things first, let’s break down the goals I had set for 2011.

  1. Become self-hosted! Check 😉
  2. Create a page just for new grads. Self-hosting was the first step. But this is still very much in the works, in a very big way.
  3. Break down the IOM Report on the Future of Nursing. Oops. By the time I got around to thinking about this, I figured it was water under the bridge. But there are some issues the report has brought up. So it’s not completely a dead idea.
  4. Attend a conference on health care social media/blogging. Yeah, this didn’t happen either. Money and time were tight. But I did lurk on Twitter during BWE2011.
  5. Link to more nursing bloggers by inviting guest posts. You’re still invited, as long as you don’t spam me.
  6. Link to more nursing bloggers by guest posting myself. Definitely an exciting year for guest-posting! See here and here.
  7. Continue participating in #RNchat. My favorite Zumba class directly conflicted. So I had to make a choice…sweat or type.
  8. Utilize the IHI Open School for Health Professions Meh. The resources are out there and I listened to many a WIHI podcast on my commutes home. I just didn’t get to the point of sharing the dialogue to the extent I wanted.
  9. Use my new job as fodder for conversation about important public health and social issues. Much of the conversation centered around trying to protect my ideals in the midst of the harsh realities I was confronting daily. 
  10. Continue reviewing nursing-related gadgets and gear. See the 2011 holiday gift guide. And my post about nursing in the field. 
  11. Continue making this blog about nursing! Yes, but it also meant neglecting the blog at certain points throughout the year.

Um yeah, kind of a mixed bag. The goals I met were exciting steps forward for The Makings of a Nurse. And the goals remaining are certainly tools I can use for continuing to grow the blog. So I count this a successful (if disjointed) year.

And then there are the annual superlatives – my favorite/most memorable posts from the year of Disorganized Thinking (and Living)…

  1. January turned out to be a month full of controversy. First I shared my own thoughts about the placenta incident
  2. …Then I took on Muse, RN’s misinformed approach to second-degree nurses.
  3. After a funky February/March full of transition, I started to wonder: Can you care too much as a nurse? 
  4. I challenged the “CYA” philosophy that seemed to crop up in my workplace.
  5. I learned the hard way that we can’t rescue our clients.
  6. I experienced a shift in my own energy at a much-needed point.
  7. I fed my inner nerd
  8. I finally felt heard
  9. I explored the Death with Dignity Acts in the Pacific NW
  10. I walked down the aisle and shared how it happened
  11. I questioned my nursing identity
So where do we go from here? To be continued… 😉
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