Okay, Okay

Not that there’s been any demand for it, but I feel that I have neglected Pacific Lutheran’s Entry-Level MSN program in this on-going analysis of my options. No offense, PLU. Honestly I don’t really know a whole hell of a lot about it. I applied because it’s an entry-level nursing program on the West Coast (even if it is in Tacoma). Their admissions office has been extremely helpful and prompt at responding to my questions, which is a major plus.

The ELMSN at PLU offers two concentrations: the Family Nurse Practitioner or the Care and Outcomes Manager, which is basically an advanced practice nurse who can work in nursing administration or as a clinical nurse specialist/leader. Again the benefit of this more generalist track is that it provides a graduate-level skill set that can be applied in a variety of nursing settings. My frustration with UCSF has always been their insistence that you choose a specialty and stick with it, come hell or high water. We supposedly should have enough firsthand experience to be confident in our decision but I’m still a little leery of making such an unequivocal statement as “I want to be an acute care pediatric nurse practitioner” when I have no clue about what that actually requires. Whereas with PLU, I get a taste of different nursing options before being corralled into one specialty or another. So another “Yay” point for them.

The drawbacks?  It’s a private school so tuition is exorbitant. They do offer what is called “cohort pricing” which means that as long as you complete your program, your annual tuition is significantly less than it could be. And then there’s the location. Not only is it the furthest school to which I applied, it is also in a not-so-desirable part of Tacoma. Granted, the proximity to Seattle is appealing and it would be nice to establish residency in Washington if I want to go to “u-dub” (for inquiring minds – all zero of you – that’s the University of Washington) for my doctorate.

They don’t do interviews, so I’ll either be accepted or rejected by late February. Let the twiddling of thumbs continue.

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