Odd Week

So this week features quite a bit of downtime.  Just finished my first nursing school paper and have no clue whether it’s what our instructor had in mind.  And it’s 40% of our grade.  Eeps!  I’ve spent hours going over the content, making sure the APA formatting is perfect, and it’s time to wrap things up and say a little prayer.

Tomorrow is our physical assessment exam, first thing in the morning – kind of like our final for this class.  I’ve been practicing out loud and thankful I have blinds so that people passing by don’t think I’m holding a stethoscope up to a pillow for sh*ts and giggles.

Then it’s time to twiddle my thumbs.  I have the rest of Tuesday and all day Wednesday completely off.  I think I’ll clean and get organized for the fall semester, which starts Monday!  Thursday and Friday night are my last clinical shifts at the skilled nursing facility.

So yes, this week will probably drag.  Especially because Friday night couldn’t come soon enough – S is flying in for the weekend!!  🙂 It’s been 5 weeks and I’m about ready to climb the walls!  We have lots of places we want to see and I’ve cooked up a little surprise for him Saturday night.  You’ll find out when he does.  No leaks.

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