December may be filled with “Merry, Merry” ‘s, but it’s not so festive for everyone.

Two clients of mine have passed away in the past two weeks. And both of them died alone in a hospital.

That just seems so wrong.

Never does the weight of what I do affect me more than when stuff like this happens.

I’ve had more than one friend/relative remark that my ultimate goal of oncology nursing will confront me with sad situations too. They’re right. It is sad…so very sad. Trust me, I know this.

But there is just something about my clients becoming so isolated and lost. It’s like a sucker punch to my soul every time I see it.

I visited one of my clients in the hospital a few weeks ago, before he passed away. The client knew what was coming and clung desperately to every hospital staff member who walked in the room. No loved ones to speak of. The only visitor this client had in those final days was me, a county nurse.

That is just tragic.

We’re never ready to lose those we love. And when I move into oncology some day, I’ll harness my own grief to offer empathy and support to friends and family.

But what really gets me is when there are no friends and family to say goodbye. How do people become so alone that there is no one left to grieve? No one left to remember…

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